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3 Ways That Your Spa Can Help You Sleep

by ACCENT STOVE AND SPA on July 26, 2016
Our country is facing a serious epidemic when it comes to sleep. More and more of us are having  a hard time getting the quality of sleep we need to feel alert, energetic, and keep illness at bay. Prescription sleep medication use is at an all-time high, but we are still chronically sick and exhausted! If you are looking for a drug-free way to...
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Concerned About The Water Quality In Your Pool or Spa? We’ll Test It For Free!

by ACCENT STOVE AND SPA on July 12, 2016
Everyone knows the wonderful feeling of health and luxury that comes from a nice dip in a pool or spa, but what about when the water isn’t quite as clean as you think it is? You may be soaking in...
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How To Enjoy Family Spa Time Safely

by ACCENT STOVE AND SPA on June 29, 2016
Hot tubs and home spas have enjoyed popularity for many years, especially with the empty-nesters and health-oriented crowds. But nowadays, more families are starting to see the benefits of having...
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Beat Those Nagging Aches and Pains With An At-Home Spa

by ACCENT STOVE AND SPA on June 7, 2016
Whether it’s from the common flu, arthritis, fibromyalgia, or simply getting older, millions of Americans are suffering from daily aches and pains. Sore backs, tight necks, and aching joints are...
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What Temperature Should A Hot Tub Be?

by ACCENT STOVE AND SPA on May 18, 2016
If you are a new hot tub owner, this question is one of the most important pieces of information to learn because of the answers inherent complexity. Most modern day hot tub control systems have a...
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Trading In Your Spa?

by ACCENT STOVE AND SPA on May 9, 2016
What happens if you own a used spa but would like to trade in that mode for an upgrade? Fortunately, at Accent Stove & Spa, we offer a trade-in value on most used spas! Applicable trades ins...
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Debunking Common Spa Myths

by ACCENT STOVE AND SPA on April 20, 2016
Over our many years in business, Accent Stove & Spa has worked with many unique customers whom have believe certain myths about this industry. These ideas may sound rational at first glance,...
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What is a Wet Test?

by ACCENT STOVE AND SPA on April 4, 2016
With over 30 years of business operational experience under our belt, Accent Stove and Spa in Spokane knows a thing or two about customer service and value delivery. So what’s a major tip to keep...
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Do I have to Worry About pH Levels in my Spa?

by ACCENT STOVE AND SPA on March 31, 2016
 While clear water in your spa may appear to be clean – think again. Most harmful forms of bacteria and other water contaminations are clear and cannot be seen by the human eye.   It’s first...
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Chlorine in your Spa: What to Know

by ACCENT STOVE AND SPA on March 24, 2016
 If you recently bought a spa, it’s important to understand the essentials for caring at it. The average temperature of spas is 96 degrees, and can go up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, which creates...
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Benefits of Hot Water Therapy

by ACCENT STOVE AND SPA on March 17, 2016
Hots tubs: For many they are used as pure relaxation, others use them for rejuvenation and health benefits. The word “spa” in Latin is an acronym for “health from water.” For many years, Greeks,...
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What Type of Base Do I Need for My Spa?

by ACCENT STOVE AND SPA on March 7, 2016
Before you consider buying a spa for your home, it’s important to determine where the spa will go first. While the spa itself only weights a few hundred pounds, filling it with water makes it...
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