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With our selection of world-class natural charcoal and wood pellet grills here at Accent Stove & Spa, you will be rewarded with reliable, mouth-watering results, time after time! All of our grills, from small to large, feature superior craftsmanship and efficiency, saving you money and hassle in the long run. Whether you want something compact for your private deck, or you need an expansive grill deck for an entire neighborhood’s worth of food, we’ve got you covered.
Come to our showroom today and ask one of our friendly staff members to help you find the grill that is perfect for your needs and budget. Because when it comes to entertaining, nothing beats the flavor and excitement of a grill!


Choose from seven different sizes!
The Big Green Egg has smashed the competition for the most innovative and versatile outdoor grill available today, combining the capabilities of barbeque grills and premium cooktops. This culinary wonder will bring your cooking to new heights, from apps and entrees, to even desserts! The Big Green Egg comes in seven different sizes, so you can find precisely the perfect one for you and your grilling lifestyle. Known around the world as the best kamado-style charcoal smoker and grill, the Big Green Egg is the Ultimate Cooking Experience!

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One of the top names in hardwood-fueled grills, Traeger brings the best of efficiency and superior flavor, giving you endless opportunities to gather around mouth-watering creations! When you want more from your food, check out Traeger’s line of innovative, world-glass grills. #fuelthefire