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Do I Have to Worry About pH Levels in My Spa?

While clear water in your spa may appear to be clean – think again. Most harmful forms of bacteria and other water contaminations are clear and cannot be seen by the human eye. It’s first important to understand what “pH” is. pH is a measurement of how acidic or basic the water solution is. It plays a vital role in maintaining the health of your spa water. When a spa’s pH levels are off, they can result in skin and eye irritants. Over treated water results in corrosive water, which can cause harm to your spa. Under treated water can result in mineral scaling, bacteria growth, or stains in your tub. Instead of just using guess-work to clean your spa, it’s important to test it to determi

Chlorine in Your Spa: What to Know

If you recently bought a spa, it’s important to understand the essentials for caring at it. The average temperature of spas is 96 degrees, and can go up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, which creates an ideal breeding ground for bacteria unless it is properly treated. Maintaining an ideal pH balance in your spa is a requirement for not only the spa’s health, but also your own health. There are several benefits to treating your spa with chlorine: Ensuring bather’s health – Hot water is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, so treating the water with chlorine to clean the water is essential for the user’s health. One of the most common ailment resulting from poorly-treated spa water is dermatitis,


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