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An Informative & Weird Hot Tub History

If you’re anything like me, then you know that hot tubs are just generally awesome. They offer so many benefits beyond just being “nice to sit in”. They provide arthritis relief, help with muscular issues and can even lower your blood pressure. But where did they come from? Who thought of creating a giant bath with a filter? Stick with me as we walk (nerd-out) through the history of the hot tub. 2,000 B.C. - A.K.A Back in the Day Thought hot tubs were new? Think again. Wealthy ancient Egyptians used early hot tubs for many of the same reasons that we use them now and would even add essential oils for aromatherapy. At that time though, they didn’t have foot jets and stereos so it was mostly f

You Should Support Small Businesses

Courtesy of the Common Crumb Bakery It’s a well-known idea that supporting small business is great. But do you really know why? Because you’re here to learn and I like to write, I’m going to break it down for you. Let’s get started. We’re Cooler Than Big Businesses Okay...that title is slightly misleading. But we are cool. In fact, we are responsible for the creation of a lot of local jobs. According to the Small Business Administration, or SBA, big businesses eliminated 4 million jobs while small businesses added 8 million. That’s a lot of economic impact. Giving Back In a nutshell, the funds that are drummed up by a big corporation go back to their HQ, elsewhere. The portion that is paid o


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Spokane, WA



Accent Fireplace & Spas, located in Spokane, Washington, is a leisure products company specializing  in fireplaces, spas and grills. 


Accent provides elegant, high quality products that help people relax, step away from work, come closer to friends and family and enjoy  life.

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