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A Chromatherapy Rundown

What color light do you use in your spa? Are you a fan of the cool ambiance of blue light? Or do you like the edgy vibes of red light? Those rainbow lights in your spa are for more than just fun and style, they’re a therapy technique! In fact, color therapy (or chromatherapy)has been studied and used for thousands of years. Let’s take a look at chromatherapy throughout the ages. Early uses of color therapy Phototherapy, or light therapy, was practiced in ancient Egypt, Greece, China and India. Ancient Egyptians and Grecians used colored dyes, crystals and oils to treat a variety of medical ailments. This early color therapy was used alongside sunlight as treatment. Though the science behind

Cracking the Mystery of Contrast Bath Therapy

For hundreds of years, people in some of the coldest regions of the earth have practiced jumping from hot saunas to cold bodies of water as a form of healing and relaxation. This treatment, often referred to as contrast bath therapy, may be used to decrease pain and swelling, control inflammation and improve mobility. Let’s take a look at how contrast bath therapy affects the body. First, the heat from the hot water gets blood moving. Steam from the tub also opens the pores on skin, allowing toxins to escape the body. The combination of the steam and the sweat it might prompt helps to dilate blood vessels and increase circulation. The increase in blood circulation not only delivers oxygen to

Setting the Mood with Scent

Ever smell a scent and suddenly find yourself transported to a vivid memory? When I smell sunscreen my brain transports me to a time when I almost drowned in the wave pool at my local waterpark (those waves are NO JOKE!). This isn’t just a coincidence. In fact, behavioral studies have shown that scents can trigger vivid emotional memories better than images. Not only are scents linked to memories, they are also linked to mood. Whether you’re looking for deep relaxation, happiness or strength, adding essential oils or scent crystals to your spa can help you “scent” the mood. We’ve created this guide to scent. Learn how to bring out the best moods in your family and friends by adding scents t


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