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Traeger Brings the Future to Your Grill

We are in the future of grilling. With Traeger, you can now have full control of your grill at the tip of your fingers, from anywhere. Traeger’s WiFIRE system allows you to connect your smartphone to your grill via the Traeger App. Read on to learn how Traeger can bring the future to your grill. Want to grill but not sure what you’re craving? No problem. Download the Traeger app and choose from hundreds of awesome recipes. The best part is: Traeger will walk you step by step through the process of cooking your creation. The recipe can be downloaded to the grill, and Traeger will take you from prep to plate. Once you prep your food, your grill can take the process over. Your Traeger will heat

3 Ways to Keep Your Spa Clean

We live in a time where cleanliness is the utmost priority. We are keeping our hands clean, keeping our houses clean, and (making an attempt at) keeping the air clean. This cleaning should extend to your spa, too. If you don’t regularly clean your tub, it has the potential to become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. There are many solutions to a yucky tub; keep reading to learn what some of your cleaning options are. Chlorine Chlorine is the most commonly used chemical by our customers because a small sprinkle of it in a spa can work overnight to kill bacteria and dissipate by morning. This means the chemical can work while you sleep and the tub can lose the smell and feeling of chlo

A History of the Kamado Grill

You might know her as the Big Green Egg or the kamado grill. Though she is a beautiful example of modern day grilling, she is much older than she looks. Here’s a brief kamado grill origin story. Clay cookers have been around for literally thousands of years. Clay cooker artifacts can be found all over the world. This is for good reason, as the benefits of using a clay pot transcend time and culture. Materials used to create clay cooking vessels are relatively easy to find, and they are easy to shape into a practical form. The porousness of the material helps moisture and heat to slowly circulate around the food, creating juicy and tender dishes. The earliest example of something similar to t


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Accent Fireplace & Spas, located in Spokane, Washington, is a leisure products company specializing  in fireplaces, spas and grills. 


Accent provides elegant, high quality products that help people relax, step away from work, come closer to friends and family and enjoy  life.

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