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Do I Have to Worry About pH Levels in My Spa?

While clear water in your spa may appear to be clean – think again. Most harmful forms of bacteria and other water contaminations are clear and cannot be seen by the human eye. It’s first important to understand what “pH” is. pH is a measurement of how acidic or basic the water solution is. It plays a vital role in maintaining the health of your spa water. When a spa’s pH levels are off, they can result in skin and eye irritants. Over treated water results in corrosive water, which can cause harm to your spa. Under treated water can result in mineral scaling, bacteria growth, or stains in your tub. Instead of just using guess-work to clean your spa, it’s important to test it to determine what exactly needs to be done to regulate the pH levels. There are a variety of pH test kits available that can help accurately monitor your spa water. Invest in quality kit and make sure to monitor your water weekly, if not daily. Chlorine and bromine are a few chemicals that can help monitor and regulate the pH levels in your spa. Accent Stove & Spa has been providing quality spas and stoves to the Spokane, WA area since 1983. If you are looking for a new stove, spa, or have questions about your spa, we are the go-to experts. Stop in today - You’ll find us at 1622 N Divison, Spokane, WA 99207


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