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Can You Trade In a Hot Tub?

What happens if you own a used spa but would like to trade in that mode for an upgrade?

Fortunately, at Accent Stove & Spa, we offer a trade-in value on most used spas! Applicable trades ins are of course based on year, model, features and condition. However, if we can’t offer any trade-in value on your old spa to put toward your new spa, we will remove your old spa and dispose of it at no charge.

Trading in your old spa for an upgrade is a very good idea considering the many health benefits associated with using a spa. A warm water massage can prove to be a restorative, therapeutic experience helping to foster increased energy levels, well-being and overall happiness. Since the ancient times, people across the world have recognized the healing properties associated with warm water. This trend has only grown throughout modern society. The best hot tubs, like those made by Accent Stove & Spa, will help foster health and wellness with hydrotherapy. Our cutting edge hot tubs move water in profound ways helping to deliver the following positive hot tub benefits:

  • Less stress

  • Better sleep

  • Relief from muscle soreness

  • Fewer symptoms of arthritis and back pain

For more information regarding our hot tubs and their many associated health benefits, please contact one of our friendly team members today!


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