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Get To Know Your Wood Fireplace

As you probably know, we love wood burning fireplaces. Our showroom is full of them and we have #noregrets about that. If we could, we’d live in a wood fireplace...not literally, but you get our point. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they also emit an incredible amount of heat.

Beyond the niceties and outside appearance of them though, we think it’s important to get to know your fireplace on a deeper level. Knowing your fireplace will help you when you need something fixed, replaced or maintenanced.

Whether it’s your first time purchasing or you’re a seasoned pro at owning a fireplace, it’s important to explore and understand how things work.

Standard wood-burning fireplaces consist of a few key items. We’ve listed some “in-a-nutshell” descriptions for each below:

  1. Mantel - this piece is strictly decorative and sits above the face of the fireplace like a shelf

  2. Hearth - the floor in front of the fireplace

  3. Surround - both decorative and functional, this piece “surrounds” the fireplace and keeps the heat from damaging your mantel or walls

  4. Firebox - the empty space where the wood burns

  5. Damper - the lever that opens and closes the flue

  6. Smoke chamber - the inside area of a chimney where the smoke comes just before the flue where it exits

  7. Flue - The inside of a chimney that draws smoke up and out

So there you have it! All the largest components to know about. Of course, there are always going to be quirks but as long as you’ve got those seven key pieces down, you’ll be troubleshooting and maintaining in no time!

For more information on wood burning fireplaces, drop us a line here. To build yours, check out our Firebuilder!


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