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You Should Support Small Businesses

Courtesy of the Common Crumb Bakery

It’s a well-known idea that supporting small business is great. But do you really know why?

Because you’re here to learn and I like to write, I’m going to break it down for you.

Let’s get started.

We’re Cooler Than Big Businesses

Okay...that title is slightly misleading. But we are cool. In fact, we are responsible for the creation of a lot of local jobs. According to the Small Business Administration, or SBA, big businesses eliminated 4 million jobs while small businesses added 8 million. That’s a lot of economic impact.

Giving Back

In a nutshell, the funds that are drummed up by a big corporation go back to their HQ, elsewhere. The portion that is paid out to the employees at the local level is the only revenue being pumped back into that local economy. In a small business, however, all the revenue stays in the community from whence it came. Voila! A richer local economy = more jobs = better quality of life.

Customer Service

How many times have you called a big business only to be put in a phone call waiting line? Elevator music is great and all but I’d personally rather call down to my local store and be treated well and answered immediately. That’s not to say that every small business has great customer service though. In fact, sometimes it’s just the opposite. But if they are local, at least you have the ability to tell them their customer service sucks, in person.

P.S. If you're looking for excellent customer service and fantastic food, definitely make sure you check out Queen of Sheba downtown.


According to a study conducted by Trulia in 2013, when asked what they wished their neighborhood had more of, respondents overwhelmingly said more community and more local businesses. As Rembert Browne put it, “these are establishments that are often the character of a neighborhood, a community. The relationships created between customers and those that work in independent business frequently go beyond just purchases - it becomes familial.”

Have I Convinced You Yet?

Check out Indaba Coffee for amazing local brews

Obviously there are a lot of arguments for supporting small businesses. Not only are you giving back to the community in multiple ways, you’re also supporting local character and livelihoods. So, next time you’re on your way to work to grab coffee, consider exchanging your

Starbucks latte for a local brand. That’s something everyone can feel good about.


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