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Setting the Mood with Scent

Ever smell a scent and suddenly find yourself transported to a vivid memory? When I smell sunscreen my brain transports me to a time when I almost drowned in the wave pool at my local waterpark (those waves are NO JOKE!). This isn’t just a coincidence. In fact, behavioral studies have shown that scents can trigger vivid emotional memories better than images. Not only are scents linked to memories, they are also linked to mood. Whether you’re looking for deep relaxation, happiness or strength, adding essential oils or scent crystals to your spa can help you “scent” the mood.

We’ve created this guide to scent. Learn how to bring out the best moods in your family and friends by adding scents to your spa.

Citrus- Various citrus such as orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit are optimism boosting, refreshing and energizing.

Jasmine- Mood boosting properties that promote optimism and creativity.

Pine- Increases energy levels in addition to being uplifting. Pine might also trigger joyous holiday memories.

Peppermint- Increases concentration, energy levels, alertness and memory capabilities.

Cinnamon- Not only mentally stimulating, but also creates a homey feeling.

Rosemary- Helps to improve cognitive function by increasing focus, concentration and memory.

Lavender- Shown to reduce heart rate and promote both relaxation and sleep.

Chamomile- Helps ease anxiety, soothe headaches, relieve stress and nervous tension and promote sleep.

Vanilla- Works to reduce hyperactivity and restlessness.

Ginger- Evokes feelings of strength and warmth.

Cedarwood- Along with calming nerves and anxiety, cedarwood also promotes feelings of strength and centeredness.

Rose- Can help boost confidence, increase self-esteem and encourage mental strength.

Now that you know a little bit more about scents and their moods, take a look at the aromatherapy options​ we have available in our store! You’re one step closer to creating your perfect spa environment.


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