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7 Refreshing Summer Drinks to Make at Home

There’s no doubt about it, this summer has been… weird. The bars might be open at reduced capacity, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a cool glass of something yummy! Here are some refreshing summer drinks you can make at home.

Blackberry Mojito

Beat the heat with this cool blackberry mojito recipe. It’s super easy and refreshing, and the blackberries provide an interesting twist to the classic mojito flavor.

View the recipe here.

Mai Tai

Take a quick trip to the tropics with this summer cocktail. This recipe is both citrusy and spicy, which means it’ll heat you up AND cool you down.

View recipe here.

Rosemary Gin Fizz Cocktail

Rosemary, lemon juice and egg whites band together to make this refreshing summer drink (along with a little help from their friends, gin and seltzer). Making the rosemary simple syrup takes a little extra work, but trust us, it’s worth it.

View recipe here.

Popsicle Punch

This tasty mango lemonade is good clean fun. Ditch the ice cubes and substitute popsicles for this cool family-friendly punch.

View the recipe here.

Rainbow Sangria

Stack fruit, colors and flavors with this aesthetically-pleasing twist on sangria. Substitute the triple sec and moscato with orange juice and sparkling grape juice to get your kiddos in on the party!

View the recipe here.


In a classic tale of supply and demand, the hurricane drink was born from a whisky shortage that followed WWII. Though there was a shortage of whisky, rum was plentiful. This forced New Orleans bartenders to get creative, and the hurricane was born! With the addition of grenadine, this take on the hurricane is especially sweet and yummy.

View the recipe here.

Spiked Ombre Lemonade

We couldn’t help but include another fancy layered liqueur in this list because, let’s face it, you probably have the time to get creative. Get out your blender and get ready for this delicious grown-up slushy.

View the recipe here.

There you go! Now you can get crafty (and tipsy) from the comfort of your own home. Let us know if you make any of these tasty drinks by tagging us @accentspokane in any photos you post of them. Want to enjoy your drinks with some delicious food? Check out our grills!


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