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6 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Hot Tub This Summer

Spokane just experienced its hottest day of the year so far. As temperatures get hot and stay hot, it may seem less and less desirable to spend time in your hot tub. You could cut the power to your hot tub, but stagnant water is good for no one. Don’t put your tub to rest just yet! Here are a few simple ways to get the most out of your hot tub this summer.

You can enjoy your tub during the cooler temperatures of the early mornings or late nights. A warm tub in the early morning can vitalize you, and a spa relaxation at night can be the perfect way to decompress after a long day.

Try cooling down the temperature of the water. A cold hot tub, what a great oxymoron! The good thing about a spa is that the relaxing and therapeutic effects of the jets will work in any temperature. Here are a few ways to cool the temperature down and get the most out of your tub, even in the triple digits.

You can change the way your spa heats. Sundance Spas, for example, have an "Economy" mode. This setting allows your hot tub to heat only between the hours of 5PM and 7AM. This means you won’t be wasting money to heat a tub that’s already getting warm from the outside temperature, and you’ll be able to keep the water from getting stagnant. Switching your tub to economy mode can keep the water about 15 degrees cooler than the temperature it’s set to.

You can move your tub into the shade, or use a large umbrella to create some shade around the tub. You’d be surprised what a little shade can do! It takes a bit of time, but you could drop the temperature by around 20 degrees.

If you’re really trying to get crafty with your cool-down technique, try freezing some jugs of water and plopping them into your tub. It’s a temporary fix, but luckily you can just pop those bottles back in the freezer as soon as they start to thaw. You can also add cool water to your tub with a garden hose for an added temperature drop.

There are several benefits to chilling out in a cool spa, especially during the hot summer months. Over-heating in a hot tub can cause dehydration, which can be sped up when the weather is hot as well. Cool water can revitalize and energize you. Best of all, chilling down your tub can help you make the most of it during the summer! To learn more about the positive effects of cold water, check out our blog on contrast bath therapy. Ready to start looking for a spa of your own? Learn more on our website.


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