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5 Tips for Family Fun in Spokane

Life is far from back to normal. Businesses are operating at reduced capacity and there is a push to limit exposure to strangers. Staying home can be fun and relaxing, but there’s only so many TV re-runs a person can watch, and only so much scrolling through Facebook that can be done. Here are a few activity ideas that can bring the fun back to family time in Spokane.

Yard Games

Turn your backyard into a gymnasium and get your family active with some yard games. Frisbee, soccer and volleyball are some great ones. A family favorite in my household is cornhole- a game that involves flying sacks, hole-in-ones and lots of fun. It is basically two boards, each with a hole in the middle of them, placed 20 paces away from eachother. The goal of the game is to throw hand-size beanbags at the boards as accurately as possible. If your bag lands on the board? That’s one point. If your bag lands in the cornhole? That’s three points. Play to 21 points and keep a drink in your hand at all times for extra fun.

Go to a Park

Get out of your house while also keeping your distance from others. Make sure to pack a blanket, some snacks and a good book. Set up shop in the shade to cool down, or get your tan on in a patch of sun. My personal favorite Spokane park is Audubon. Towering ponderosa pines create criss-cross designs with the sunlight on its huge field of manicured grass. I love to sit there and people watch, play on my phone and throw a frisbee around for my pet.

Murder Mystery Escape from reality for the evening and dress up to stay home. I don’t know why people don’t do murder mystery dinners more often; they’re a blast! There are plenty of free stories online to try, even ones fit for children. Assign characters to your family and encourage everyone to dress the part. Have the whole family help cook a fancy dinner to pair with the game, and you’re set. A mystery dinner gives your family the fun opportunity to play pretend and put their sleuthing skills to the test.

Try Some New Recipes

Break the weekly dinner schedule by trying out some new recipes on your Traeger grill. Traegers are for more than just grilling meat- much, much more. You can bake cookies, craft mac and cheese, and even create adult beverages on your Traeger. Traeger has tons of recipes for zany creations on their website. The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination!

Walk to Explore

You’d be amazed what you can find when you let your sense of adventure lead the way. If it’s public property, it’s free game! Take a break from your typical walking spots to explore deeper parts of places you might have already visited. Some of my favorite walking/exploration areas in Spokane are Riverfront Park and Browne’s Edition.

Riverfront Park has really stepped up its game recently. A walk at sunset can provide a beautiful view of the pavilion with its lights on, all kinds of secret fairy-like crevices and bridges, and an up-close view of the iconic Spokane Falls.

I love a good architectural exploration. With its outrageously large mansions and diverse home styles, Browne’s Edition provides a deeper look at the Spokane you know and love. Allow yourself to be transported to an earlier time of the tycoons and founders of our town. There are plaques outside some of the more historical homes that can give you an insight into who lived there and what their lives might have been like. On top of the history lesson you’ll get, it’s just a beautiful place to stroll.

Don’t be bound to boredom with your family. If you try out any of these activities, snap a photo and tag us @accentspokane on Instagram and Facebook!


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