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A History of the Kamado Grill

You might know her as the Big Green Egg or the kamado grill. Though she is a beautiful example of modern day grilling, she is much older than she looks. Here’s a brief kamado grill origin story.

Clay cookers have been around for literally thousands of years. Clay cooker artifacts can be found all over the world. This is for good reason, as the benefits of using a clay pot transcend time and culture. Materials used to create clay cooking vessels are relatively easy to find, and they are easy to shape into a practical form. The porousness of the material helps moisture and heat to slowly circulate around the food, creating juicy and tender dishes.

The earliest example of something similar to the Big Green Egg we know today was used 3000 years ago in China. Around 1000 years later during the Qin dynasty, Chinese cooks used a similar device, called a yan-steamer, primarily to cook rice.

Flash forward 700 years to the Kofun Period in Japan. Japanese cooks imported a version of the yan-steamer to aid in their own cooking endeavors. “Mushikamados,” as the Japanese called these stoves, were used to cook rice for feasts at festivals. The stoves used coal, dry twigs, or straw as fuel, and they had a dome shaped lid, just like the modern-day kamado. In fact, the word kamado comes from the Japanese name for the device, and translates to “place of the Cauldron.”

Jump forward even more, to a freshly post-WWII era. American military stationed in Japan experienced the brilliant technology of the kamado grill. They decided to start flying them back to the States, and the American kamado craze began.

In the 1970s a man named Ed Fisher noticed the problem with kamado grills of the time. They were made of cement that was prone to cracking after only a few years of use. He scrapped the cement and replaced it with ceramic. This not only allowed for better heat and moisture retention, but it also was resistant to cracking. Ed painted his creation bright green, and The Big Green Egg we know and love today was born.

The kamado grill’s design has been tested by time and adapted by innovation. There’s a reason why it has such a rich history! Kamado grills bring quality and control to cooking. Check out our selection of Big Green Eggs on our website, or visit our store to view the grills in person.


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