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3 Ways to Keep Your Spa Clean

We live in a time where cleanliness is the utmost priority. We are keeping our hands clean, keeping our houses clean, and (making an attempt at) keeping the air clean. This cleaning should extend to your spa, too. If you don’t regularly clean your tub, it has the potential to become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. There are many solutions to a yucky tub; keep reading to learn what some of your cleaning options are.


Chlorine is the most commonly used chemical by our customers because a small sprinkle of it in a spa can work overnight to kill bacteria and dissipate by morning. This means the chemical can work while you sleep and the tub can lose the smell and feeling of chlorine before you take your next dip.

When chlorine is added to water it creates a weak acid called hypochlorous acid. This acid is great at killing viruses, as well as bacteria like salmonella and e.coli. It does this by breaking through the outer walls of bacteria and intruding the cell. The hypochlorous acid then switches up the bacteria’s delicate folds of protein, killing the bacteria by tearing it up from the inside. When the protein cannot work properly, the bacteria dies.

When working with chlorine, however, pH levels need to be tested frequently to ensure its cleaning power. If the pH levels are too high, calcium deposits may begin to form in the spa and chlorine becomes less effective. If you decide to use chlorine in your spa, make sure to pick up Spa Up and Spa Down to help balance out these pH levels, and some pH testing strips so you know where your water sits on the pH scale.


Bromine is a great alternative for those with sensitivities to chlorine. It is less likely than chlorine to return to a gaseous state and become harmful for bathers to inhale. Bromine is effective against tough waterborne viruses like poliovirus and rotaviruses, as well as a wide spectrum of bacteria. When added to water, bromine forms hypobromous acid.

Bromine both sanitizes and disinfects water. While bromine sanitizes, it kills bacteria and living organisms. While it disinfects, it removes potential diseases, keeping your spa-goers safe.

Like chlorine and high pH levels, bromine also has a kryptonite that will reduce its effectiveness. Ammonia can enter a tub from time to time, and the chemical makes it difficult for bromine to do its job. Luckily, with a shock to the water, such as “balance shock,” ammonia and nitrogen levels can be lowered and bromine can be more effective. Our customers often purchase bromine tablets to place in floaters. Customers also purchase sodium bromide to help activate the bromine tabs and pH testing strips.


Over time, your spa may fill up with biofilm, a substance made of bacteria and calcium. Biofilm can get into all the little crevices in your tub, and if it isn’t properly taken care of, it can build into a big problem. O-Care is a cleaning system that was built to attack biofilm with minimal chemical usage.

O-Care is a weekly spa treatment that helps reduce the use of chemicals like bromine and chlorine by 78 percent. It uses minerals and salts to do the cleaning, and it’s odorless. Throwing it in your tub can reduce biofilm for one week. The brand also boasts that there is no shower necessary after taking a dip in an o-care treated spa.

Whether you choose chlorine, bromine or a reduced-chemical cleaner like O-care, we can help set you up with the tools to keep your spa fresh and clean. Click here to shop our online selection of spa chemicals, and visit our store at 1622 N. Division St. to view our entire selection of chemicals.


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