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Which Insert Is Right For You?

Choosing an insert can be... confusing, to say the least. With options like gas, wood and pellet, there’s lots to think about. Each insert type comes with its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a run-down of each type.


A wood insert provides the comforting ambiance of cracking wood and homey smell, but it can require a lot of maintenance.


  • A wood insert doesn’t run on electricity, so its heat won’t be affected by a power outage.

  • Wood insert owners can have total control over the type of wood they use. It’s a natural and renewable energy source. Additionally, in the right conditions, a single log can heat a home for hours.

  • A wood insert provides the classic ambiance of a traditional fireplace.

  • If plentiful access to wood is available, this is a very cost effective option.


  • A wood insert requires a supply of logs, which can be tricky to find and store.

  • Wood can be really expensive.

  • Wood inserts require the most clean-up and maintenance work of any insert option.

  • If there is a burn ban put in place due to pollution, burning in a wood insert is not allowed.

  • The process of starting a wood fire can be long and frustrating. This is not a heat-in-the-push-of-a-button option.


A gas insert is the cleanest burning option and it can create a beautiful flame, but it can run up gas bills.


  • Gas inserts are super easy to start. Just flip a switch and she’s on!

  • Gas is the cleanest burning of all fuel sources.

  • Heat output and flame regulation are easy to control with a gas insert.

  • No ash or soot is created with a gas fireplace insert, making them relatively maintenance free.

  • Gas is pumped straight to the home to fuel the insert, and if there is a power outage, a gas insert won’t be affected.


  • A gas insert doesn’t produce the crackling or wood smell other inserts provide.

  • A gas line needs to be run to a home to use a gas insert.

  • Gas bill will raise as a result of use.


A pellet insert produces the smell and sound that a wood insert provides while also having a low impact on the environment, but they require some pellet shoveling.


  • Pellets have a long burn time and are very efficient.

  • Pellets are more compact and easier to store than traditional wood.

  • These inserts allow for smokeless start up and reload.

  • Pellet inserts are better for the environment than wood inserts, but they aren’t as good for the environment as gas inserts.


  • Pellets can be expensive.

  • Daily shoveling of pellets into the pellet reservoir is required.

  • Pellet inserts require electricity, so if there is a power outage the insert will be affected.

  • Like wood inserts, pellet inserts might be forced out of commission if there is a burn ban.

Whether you prefer the classic ambiance created by a wood insert, the clean burning fuel of a gas insert, or the efficiency of a pellet insert, we can help you find the fireplace of your dreams. Click here to begin designing your ideal insert.


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