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DaVinci's Record-Breaking Fireplace

There’s really nothing like a linear gas fireplace. They’re beautiful and futuristic looking, yet fit for any style. They instantly upgrade a regular old room into a classy joint! When it comes to linear fireplaces, nobody beats the Travis Industries brand, DaVinci. In fact, they have a world record for it.

People at Dean Luxury Apartments in Mountain View, California wanted a real statement piece for one of the common areas in their building. Their idea was to bring residents together over a beautiful, absolutely huge, fireplace. Who better to take on the task than the people at DaVinci?

DaVinci’s fire engineers quickly got to work designing the giant 66 foot long gas fireplace the people at Dean Luxury Apartments dreamed of. A fireplace this long had never been constructed, and it came with quite a few challenges. They had to make sure there would be consistent flames throughout the fireplace. They couldn’t be twisting too much in one direction or another. The engineers also had to make sure there would be an equal pressure zone through the entire length of the fireplace. Finally, they had to find a way to balance the temperatures of the fireplace so the heat on the external glass would stay even through the whole width and height of the unit.

The fire engineers found a way to conquer these challenges by making several adjustments, such as adding devices every 18 inches of the fireplace that adjust the fuel to air ratio. Over one year later, they were able to complete the task.

The result was a beautiful linear gas fireplace - 66 feet long and 30 inches tall. Its length became a new world record, beating a previous record of 60 feet. It was lined at the bottom with pieces of glass that glowed neon red and blue when the fireplace was on. The flames twisted perfectly and spun evenly throughout the entire unit. All this was set in front of a reflective black background that allowed the fire to really make a statement. The unit was powered by one million BTUs of energy per hour (that’s the equivalent of the energy that can be produced by 8 gallons of gasoline). And as powerful as this gas fireplace was, the glass on the exterior of the unit was safe to touch with bare hands.

The unit was tested in the factory for two weeks before DaVinci employees completely disassembled the fireplace and photographed every piece. After that, it was packed, shipped, and installed in the apartment complex.

Kurt Rumens, president & director of product design for Travis Industries, is very proud of the record breaking unit.

“There’s been nothing like it ever made anywhere, and we’re so proud we had the opportunity and the challenge to pull this project together,” he said.

Are you interested in getting a beautiful DaVinci gas fireplace for your own home? Give us a call at (509)325-8800. Click here to learn more about DaVinci Custom Fireplaces.

Pictured: the record-breaking fireplace at Dean Luxury Apartments


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