Hot tubs by SundanceWe are glad you chose to visit us today. As you can see we not only retail in top brand stoves and fireplaces in Spokane, but also in hot tubs, spas, Barbecues (BBQ’s), and infrared saunas, and many accessories. Feel free to wander around our store to see what we have to offer. You will find, not only our top-notch exclusive products, but also many informational pages that will help you better understand what we have to offer you in the spa, hot tubs, fireplaces patio fireplaces and patio barbecues.

new-home-spa-spokaneAt Accent Stove & Spa, we’re not interested in just selling you a hot tub.  We’re more interested in educating you about your upcoming purchase and making sure you make the right decision for you and your family.  When you buy from us, you can be sure you will have a lifetime of enjoyment with no hassles, no stress, and no worries.  And you’ll be proud to send all of your friends and family to us.


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