With our gas stoves, you can have the look and feel of a real, freestanding gas stove, while enjoying clean burning and superior convenience. With the easy-to-use Comfort Control™ gas valve, you can control the heat output, and thanks to our award-winning Ember-Fyre™ technology, you’ll enjoy a warm, glowing fire that is so realistic, you won’t even miss having a wood burning unit. 

Black freestanding gas stove on stone platform
Black Lopi freestanding wood Stove


​Famous for their craftsmanship, wood stoves provide reliable, powerful efficiency in heating your home. Our selection of finely made wood stoves will work even if the power goes out! We carry a variety of wonderful stoves that will meet your needs and budget, including ash pan, top-loading, and cook-top surface models.


Pellet fuel is hands down, the easiest, safest, and most sustainable way to burn with real wood. Plus, it is simple to store and use, and our AGP stoves are equipped to accept any kind of pellet on the market today. Our selection of pellet stoves will give you a clean and natural solution to heating your home, and the automatic operation is a breeze.

Rustic room with stone walls and free standing pellet stove
Black Lopi Cypress Stove
Black Lopi Wood Stove
Black Lopi pellet stove
Gloss Finish Lopi Wood Stove
Lopi Gas Stove
Lopi Wood Stove